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EMS Sponsorship Program

The Pownal Rescue Squad First Responder Sponsorship Program is for individuals who are looking to get there feet wet in the EMS field and start a career. This paid educational opportunity will allow for individuals to train at a beginner level while having the ability to continue training to higher levels all while being paid.

How does training work?

Training would start with simple acclimation to our service and how we do things. You will be trained on the life saving medical equipment that is used. You will be trained in the operations of the service and EMS. You will be trained on Emergency Vehicle operations and proper driving techniques. You will be enrolled in a Vermont Emergency First Responder course (VEFR) where you will be taught CPR, Stop the Bleed, Basic First Aid, how to obtain vital signs, Assessments, shock, etc. Training is typically a hybrid class with some modules completed and online and then an in person skills and review session.

What happens after training?

Once you have completed the offical VEFR training course, you will work with a Field Training Officer (FTO) to be signed off and become comfortable with your new skills! Once you have completed the training process you will be able to operate with another provider on the ambulance.

Is there an hours requirement?

Yes. You will be required to do 1-3 12 hour shifts per week. Hours and availability to be discussed further during the time of the interview. Nights, weekends, and holidays will be required.

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